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Cost-effective procurement

We’ve been rationalising and streamlining our clients’ print purchasing since 1975: you might say we’re the pioneers of the print management industry. The reason we’ve succeeded is based on two simple statements.

No-one understands your business better than you.

No-one understands our business better than us.

When you work with us, your business is our business. And our business is to make your business more successful. If that sounds like empty talk, read the testimonials our clients have provided, and ask us about our client retention record in what has become a fiercely competitive arena.

Within many companies print purchasing is unstructured and implemented on a ‘by department’ – often a ‘by individual’ – basis. The result is that, lost in a confusion of individual transactions, there is no clear awareness at company level of the current cost of print, let alone the potential for cost savings.

Our first step is therefore to understand your print requirements, audit your spend, and identify cost avoidance areas. We then recommend an effective information management system specifically designed to work alongside your existing processes to help create an efficient workflow model that will identify, rationalise, and consolidate these areas.

A central print procurement function offers significant economies of scale. For example, a multiple-brand company may be separately designing, specifying, and purchasing FSDUs for different brands. A single controlling brand solutions manager will recognise this similarity of objective and integrate the different brand requirements into a single, cost-effective design and production process.

We help you gain full control of your print budget spend, with weekly, monthly and end of year reporting, showing with full transparency how and where we delivered savings. These savings are measured using an agreed baseline against our Key Performance Indicators, and are embedded into our Service Level Agreement – the contract under which we operate.

With this clear and mutual understanding in place, our next step is to provide technically astute, customer focussed staff to guide you towards achieving your objectives.