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How we work

Saving clients money through effective print buying and cost avoidance is our primary function, indeed the prime purpose of every print management supplier.

However, at RMF we go one step further by combining purchasing power with a key supplier principle of ‘low operating overheads’. By using this procurement principle, we can effectively negotiate genuine ‘open and declared’ turnover discounts directly from suppliers, with a proportion retained by us that eliminates the need to charge our clients a fee for their fully resourced management service.

RMF’s operating model is unique in the industry, saving our clients’ personnel overhead costs, coupled with tens of thousands of pounds in management turnover fees. Over the past 35 years, our fee free service has proven to be a winning formula for clients, and a refreshing alternative to paying for an external management service. Please get in touch if you want to see examples of how this system works in practice.

Although the fee free operating principle is the preferred choice for many clients, we recognise that for some organisations a fee-based system better complements their existing administrative processes.

We are happy to work within this system, agreeing a contractual fee and instead passing on the supplier discounts on the same ‘open and declared’ basis.